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    Dr Lindiwe (Tindile) Booi - Speaker 2015

    Born in Soweto and I am the third of five children. After high school I studied and became a nurse.  I worked as a midwife in 1997 and culminated my work by delivering my niece on the 5th of December 1998 on that same day I received confirmation I was accepted at medical school. I trained  and qualified as a medical doctor at UKZN, Nelson Mandela Medical school. In 2007 I work in an HIV Research unit where I was involved with pharmaceutical studies in both the adult and paediatric population. I spent a year working in the Eastern Cape village called Zithulele as a senior medical officer and coordinated the HIV programme under the tutelage of Dr Carl Le Roux.  I have now worked in psychiatry since 2009. 4 years ago I ventured into working with children and adolescents with the psychiatric context. It has been a steep learning curve and a personal life changing experience. I have a keen interest in the development of gender specific group therapy and coordinate two girls group;

    1. A storytelling group for girls age 12-18 years of age in a Khayelithsha local clinic who have been infected with HIV through mother to child transmission.
    2. A post psychosis recovery group for girls following a major psychotic breakdown in an attempt to help them reintegrate back into their family life and roles in the community.

    I have a very personal interest in advancing policy development in the HIV/ AIDS programs in this country and in the diaspora. It is my opinion that far too little is done to curb the silent morbidities related to this epidemic and its long term effects on our societies.

    I have a keen interest in starting a family practise that specialises in HIV and family reconstruction in the next phase of my life.

    I love words. I read, I drum, I dance, I play I am eager and childlike. I want to infect the world with a new way of being that lives in all our life stories.

    Dr Tindile Booi

    Dr Tindile Booi

    The lost voices of HIV positive children (transmission from mother to child), and how we can respond

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