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    Tarryn Bannister - Speaker 2016

    In 2010, Tarryn Bannister graduated from Stellenbosch University with her LLB degree. In 2011, Tarryn joined the Overarching Strategic Plan (OSP) Project on Combating Poverty, Homelessness and Socio-Economic Vulnerability under the Constitution at Stellenbosch University. She conducted the research for her LLM thesis on access to health care services for survivors of gender-based violence under the auspices of the Project and received her LLM (cum laude) in 2012.

    She is currently a doctoral candidate at Stellenbosch University. The title of her doctoral dissertation is “The implications of a relational feminist interpretation of the socio-economic rights for cohabiting partners”.

    Tarryn Bannister

    Tarryn Bannister


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