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    Richard Jamieson Speaker 2012

    Richard is a certified Integral Coach and is passionate about coaching and mentoring young high potential individuals and budding entrepreneurs. Richard works both as an independent coach and as an Associate for Connemara, a people development consultancy. He is also the founder of his own renewable energy company. In addition to over four years coaching experience and supplier of clean energy options, Richard’s career includes two years in corporate finance in London and four years as director of the DA Leadership Academy (an initiative to develop the leadership competencies of existing and potential future DA leaders). Richard’s Talk will cover three areas in answering the question: How does the personal link to the environmental? 1. Integral Ecology – how one has to look at all facets of human experience and how they interconnect in order to come up with solutions to climate change that will actually stick. 2. Carol Gilligan’s four stages of moral development – from egocentric to ethnocentric to worldcentric to integrated. A look at how people will tend to act towards the environment at these different stages. 3. A look at why consumerism is so appealing at certain levels of consciousness. Drawing from spiral dynamics and Wilber’s spectrum of consciousness to understand this.

    Richard Jamieson

    Richard Jamieson

    Don’t call me baby

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    What do our relationships with each other have to do with our relationship to the natural environment? And is there a connection between these relationships and the fact that capitalism needs us to keep consuming? I think there is, and by tracing the connections between several key ideas in human development work, I’ll suggest that until we all grow up, not much is going to change about the way we treat the world.

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