Reza Khota & Derek Gripper

Reza Khota & Derek Gripper

    Derek Gripper & Reza Khota Guitar Duo - Performance 2015

    Reza Khota & Derek Gripper are two of South Africa's finest and most innovative guitarists. Here they perform in a musical collaboration, translating Kora music onto two guitars. The parts were originally transcribed from great African kora music composers by Derek Gripper, and these duo’s were created for John Williams and subsequently premiered at Shakespeare's Globe on June 21st, 2015.

    Derek Gripper has produced some of South Africa’s most extraordinary musical works by fusing the country’s disparate creative traditions with styles throughout the world. His music draws on European classical traditions, avant-garde Brazilian works, Malian kora works, Cape Town’s folk styles, and even Indian classical music.

    Reza Khota began his formal guitar training at the age of ten, studying rock and classical guitar as well as chord theory. He subsequently studied under numerous international greats, growing his skills in classical guitar, improvisation, experimental jazz, classical avant-garde and progressive guitar music. Reza has matured into a guitarist with a distinct voice, earning a number of qualifications, awards and accolades. Viewing the guitar as a miniature orchestra, he performs with an unconventional musicality and technical facility that recalls the rich history of the instrument.


    Guitar duo translations of great African composers.

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