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    Philippa Namutebi Kabali-Kagwa Speaker 2012

    Philippa Namutebi Kabali-Kagwa is a professional storyteller, poet, coach and facilitator who uses poetry, music and storytelling to enable organizations to get the best out of their life force – the people. Over the last 18 years she has worked with individuals, teams and organizations to develop leadership; organisational and personal creativity; learning capacity and resilience. She worked with educational institutions, NGOs, corporates and government departments in Kenya, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, Uganda, and the United Kingdom.

    Philippa Namutebi Kabali-Kagwa

    Philippa Namutebi Kabali-Kagwa

    Replenishing the StoryWell.

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    About Phillippa's Talk

    Storytelling, particularly the oral tradition of storytelling, is a powerful resource to all human cultures that is in danger of becoming extinct. In this day and age of recording, re-winding, downloading – and of tweeting, and mobile devices, the skills of being present and mindful, of really listening and paying attention, of allowing our imaginations to collectively go on a journey are hard to find. Philippa engages the audience, as storyteller and as speaker, reminding them of the gifts that lie in art of story-telling and story-listening.

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