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    Nicky Seymour Speaker 2012

    Nicky Seymour is an Occupational Therapist, who has spent most of her career working in the physical disability and community development sector, seven years of which were spent in Europe and Asia. She returned to South Africa in 2006 where she has been part of an International disability and development organisation. In 2009, along with 3 friends, Nicky co-founded Sisanda FunDaytion and volunteered her time for 3 years until taking a greater role in leading the organisation. The non-profit organisation believes that ‘A day can make a difference’ in the lives of disadvantaged children as well as in those who spend that day with them, sparking imagination, initiative and a sense of possibility in both. Nicky is no stranger to volunteer work and understands and chooses to share the impact that this can have on people’s lives. Her presentation will explore this concept through the eyes of regular South Africans.

    Nicky Seymour

    Nicky Seymour

    What a difference a day makes!

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    About Nicky's Talk

    ‘Giving back’ and contributing to change in South Africa can seem very daunting. People often assume that it entails endless amounts of time and money or extraordinary skills and resources, and this perception prevents them from getting involved in social change initiatives. Changing our view of this can have a far-reaching effect. Even starting small, with ‘A Day’, can have a profound impact. If we look at the obvious as well as the more subtle benefits of interacting with a new environment or person, it’s clear that small gestures can have a knock-on effect for the future, making us realise ‘What a difference a day makes’.

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