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    Karen Suskin Speaker 2012

    Karen is an interdisciplinary designer and design educator, who has been a proponent of all things sustainable long before it became a buzz-word. She and her family co-created and built their straw-bale home fourteen years ago. Karen is a multimedia artist who curiously explores the visible and invisible forces that form things. She works with various natural substances, such as plant resin, bee’s wax, pollen, felt- sheep wool. Besides her art, design and teaching she offers Cross-Pollination workshops which move participants out of fixed paths of known things into a way of doing design with greater openness and awareness – opening dialogue between connecting patterns in nature and living concepts in thinking.


    Karen Suskin

    Karen Suskin

    INTO THE WILD – to encourage spontaneous and vital thinking.

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    About Karen's Talk

    It is evident that our intellectual mode of thinking has limited our ability to perceive the world in its wholeness and aliveness. By exploring dynamic processes in nature we can playfully explore and creatively connect with new ways of thinking and – through this – doing design in the future. ‘The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between the way nature works and the way people think’ Gregory Bateson A considered and thoughtful immersion into the organic world of nature – particularly when it is pristine and wild –allows a new kind of thinking to form which can distinguish our projects

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