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    Joseph Wamicha - Speaker 2015

    Joseph is passionate about clean energy, electronics, hardware, advanced propulsion and space manufacturing. He has 13 years of experience building commercial hardware and software, cloud based services and network infrastructure for large global corporates and startups. Born and raised in Kenya, he currently lives in Cape Town, and is one of the co-founders of ManMakeMachine (M3). M3 is actively investing in Advanced Electronic Propulsion to make space travel possible and accessible.

    M3 partners with clients of all sizes, all industries and all geographies to solve growth challenges ranging from streamlining internal operations within their existing business, to developing big bets on breakthrough technology solutions. The multidisciplinary team is drawn from diverse backgrounds and industries, and leverages years of experience to Ideate, Prototype and Engineer commercially and technically feasible technology solutions. M3 combines strategic thinking and leading edge product engineering experience to address the toughest technology and growth challenges for leading edge companies.

    Joseph Wamicha

    Joseph Wamicha

    Where is technology taking us? To space, that’s where! And space manufacturing. Africa is such a creative place, yet we import most of our technology. We understand our issues best, why not believe in ourselves, and build capacity in technology development here.

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