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    John Parker

    John is a psychiatrist at Lentegeur Hospital and Coordinator of the Lentegeur Spring Project. Translated, the word Lentegeur means: “the smell of spring. The Project is an attempt to re-invent the hospital as a “Green” hospital, using green initiatives for the rehabilitation of those with mental illness and the upliftment of their communities, and to establish the hospital as a leader in “enviro-mental health”.

    John Parker

    John Parker

    Saying YES and!

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    About John's Talk

    What does it mean to say YES to the wild and to the wildness within us? What does it mean to connect? To what have we said no to? Using an approach that incorporates theories from behavioural and evolutionary neuroscience I will be examine evidence from a variety of research that points to the presence of at least two major motivational systems in our brains. I will then illustrate how western culture, in particular, has resulted in an over-reliance on systems associated with the expectation of immediate material gratification and how this, in turn, is further shaping how we think and behave and how we have lost our connection with the world, as well as with one another. John will then go on to examine the concept of wilderness in terms of two essential elements: complexity and uncertainty. Are these important and how do they make us feel? Understanding this will be critical in informing how we are to respond to the crises we are facing as a species and as a planet and the key to sustainable relationships in a living world involves the restoration of the concept of wildness to a place of reverence within us. As Africans, the knowledge we really need, is just beneath our feet…

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