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    Delphi Carstens Speaker 2012

    Delphi is a lecturer at UWC, as well as half of the duo which makes up Groovy Troopers Productions – creators of temporary autonomous zones in the form of art & trance festivals. Delphi is currently completing a doctorate thesis, and will present on: “Hyperstition” – a neologism that combines the words ‘superstition’ and ‘hype’ to describe how fictions become fact and how our narratives (stories) shape our world. It also describes, particularly, the narrative of capitalism, which is driven by hype and speculation and, which more importantly, turns fictions into facts. One very important fiction that Delphi will be discussing is the fiction of the apocalypse. Focusing on the current secular meaning of apocalypse as well as how popular culture views our current global crisis and the importance of imagining ourselves differently. Hyperstition also describes the nexus where myth or magic and science meet.A backdrop to the Talk will be a video work of Mer Roberts entitled “A Wilderness of Elsewheres”

    Delphi Carstens

    Delphi Carstens

    Hyperstition: Figuring the Apocalypse.

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    About Delphi's Talk

    Hyperstition is a word coined by philosopher Nick Land to describe the manner by which hype and speculation become facts in contemporary society. I will use examples from science and popular culture to illustrate exactly what hyperstitions are and how they function. The future is looking uncertain and how we imagine this future may be more important than we realise. This talk will be both an intellectual and a felt experience.

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