Exploring the Edge : 16 November 2013

TEDxTableMountain 2013 Exploring the Edge:

Limits, boundaries, peripheries, and the enigmatic attraction to them is part of the human condition. Discovering “the other” as a revelatory process is fundamental to understanding “ourselves”. When we define the “Edge”, we are defining difference – allowing ourselves to see each other in a comparative light. It is this ability to categorize, to separate ourselves along tribal and physical lines that has bounded us, divided us, and inked the history of the world with its permutations. When we find the “Edge” therefore, we find ourselves… our abilities, our affiliations, and our fears. It is also from the edge that we make our leaps into infinite possibilities, and break through boundaries and limitations. Here we find the opportunity to create new blends and commonality.


2013 Lineup of Speakers

2013 TEDxTableMountain Team


Free spirit, dancer, idealist. Candice enjoys making work playful and co-creating with others. An action-oriented rather impatient type, she gets excited about making dreams reality. When Candice met Maz in 2011 amidst numerous conversations about ‘Sustainable Relationships', she said, ‘c'mon… let's turn this into a TEDx event!'. There may have been some occasional moments of regret later on… Despite being impulsive, Candice is a finisher, and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. It is important for her to have meaningful relationships and to contribute to a greater good.


Sundancer, outdoors fanatic, mom, friend, runner and busy bee. Lover of variety and adventure, silver-lining person, life-learner and a real down-to-earth human being. That's it!

Creative Director

I'm a mad, passionate, loud, creative soul. I live for ideas, concepts, and innovation. Where others see chaos, I see inspiration. Design is showing people a new way to see something they've seen once, a million times, or never before. But making them see.


Creating the moment. The moment to change, start, strive on and succeed. By providing a platform from which innovation can be cultivated and nurtured, I look to inspire the activation of ideas through the exploration of passions and goals with entrepreneurship.

Speaker Coach

Lee is the human swiss army knife. There's almost nothing he can't do. Lee landed in Cape Town 3 weeks before the event, and immediately began filling gaps we didn't even know we had. A experienced coach and seasoned speaker, he brought a touch of genius to the creative flow and choreography of the day.

PR and Event Expertise

A true Capetonian, Table Mountain has been an integral part of Carryn's life. Her passion is people, creating great things together and making a difference in the world. She explores, is curious and always welcomes a new perspective on life – she loves that our differences make each of us unique. Carryn is a real pro at large event organising. When she joined the team, we all suddenly knew what had been missing all along. Carryn's expertise and clear thinking made it possible to host a first-class first-time TEDxTableMountain.

Awesome Admin


Technical Director

I've gained knowledge and experience by continuously pushing myself closer to the edge… Of what? Life will tell. Started from the bottom now I'm here producing, directing and being creative. The world of live TV is what keeps me motivated. I've worked alongside some of the best in the industry and passed on the knowledge I've gained.

Creative Contributor

I'm an American photographer living in Cape Town. Rock climbing and photography are my passions; I love the hard work and challenge they present and the satisfaction I feel when getting them right. Currently I'm finishing my master's degree in anthropology from UCT, lecturing at Africa Photo Academy and Ubuntu Academy.

Logistics Assistant


Community Support


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