Creative Perspectives : Human Nature 27th May 2012

TEDxTableMountain 2012 was a one-time event exploring human nature and what it might mean to live harmoniously on earth. We asked the questions:

• What, separates the human from wilderness? How are we connected? To what extent are we dependent on nature for inspiration and for resources?

• What role does modern human society play on Earth? In what ways would we like this to remain and how would we like it to change?

• When we speak of sustainability, what do we hope to sustain?

• How can we create sustainable relationships with other humans and within ourselves? How can these relationships affect our engagement with nature?

• How do we foster mutualistic relationships with our environment? How can technology positively shape human existence?

2012 Lineup of Speakers

2012 TEDxTableMountain Team


Free spirit, dancer, idealist. Candice enjoys making work playful and co-creating with others. An action-oriented rather impatient type, she gets excited about making dreams reality. When Candice met Maz in 2011 amidst numerous conversations about ‘Sustainable Relationships', she said, ‘c'mon… let's turn this into a TEDx event!'. There may have been some occasional moments of regret later on… Despite being impulsive, Candice is a finisher, and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. It is important for her to have meaningful relationships and to contribute to a greater good.


Maz is passionate about People development, enjoying life and being outdoors in nature. And dancing on the lounge table with her kids when no-one is watching. Maz is curious about ideas and how they connect, She has a vast range of interests – nature, technology, science, creativity, food, education, and making the impossible possible. Maz is one of the gentlest souls you're ever likely to meet. Where others are loosing their heads she'll be the one to stop and say: “Wait a minute, how can we work better as a team?”. Maz also has a very keen sense of smell. It surprises people when she notices the smells of flowers and nature that no-one else has experienced.

Programme Director

Wakeboarder, pole-vaulter. Tyler captained his high school track team and, at home in the USA, spends all his free time on the water. He's passionate about living right, being happy, treating people well, and spending his time in inspiring places. Life comes first. He enjoys finding holistic connections between distant concepts and fields. When Tyler joined the team in 2012, we immediately noticed accelerated traction. Brining his vast network together with his incredibly positive approach to life, TEDxTM had a huge following in no time. Tyler is a truly inspiring young person.


As an aspiring bio-entrepreneur, Ryno looks to merge nature’s wonder with human passion through innovation and by shifting perspectives in order to positively effect our surroundings through. Ryno has spent the majority of his life at the foot of this majestic natural wonder called Table Mountain, it has been a playground, a classroom and a monument shared with exciting personalities who have taught him much. Ryno is a natural optimist, and a wonderful asset to the TEDxTM team. In 2012 he would be the team member to pull surprising rabbits from hats and remind the rest of us to: ‘Give it Horns!'

Speaker Coach

Lee is the human swiss army knife. There's almost nothing he can't do. Lee landed in Cape Town 3 weeks before the event, and immediately began filling gaps we didn't even know we had. A experienced coach and seasoned speaker, he brought a touch of genius to the creative flow and choreography of the day.

PR and Event Expertise

A true Capetonian, Table Mountain has been an integral part of Carryn's life. Her passion is people, creating great things together and making a difference in the world. She explores, is curious and always welcomes a new perspective on life – she loves that our differences make each of us unique. Carryn is a real pro at large event organising. When she joined the team, we all suddenly knew what had been missing all along. Carryn's expertise and clear thinking made it possible to host a first-class first-time TEDxTableMountain.

Creative Flow Choreographer

Philippa Namutebi Kabali-Kagwa is a professional storyteller, poet, coach and facilitator who uses poetry, music and storytelling to enable organizations to get the best out of their life force – the people. Phillippa has worked with individuals, teams and organizations to develop leadership; organisational and personal creativity; learning capacity and resilience. She worked with educational institutions, NGOs, corporates and government departments in Kenya, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, Uganda, and the United Kingdom. On top of her role as a speaker in 2012 Phillippa helped ‘herd the creative cats', providing structure and support for the speakers in the lead-up to the event.

Technical Director

With over 15 years in the industry Charlie gained knowledge and experience by continuously pushing the envelope. He started his career as an assistant editor and moved on to editing, producing, directing and his true passion – live directing. The world of live TV is what keeps him motivated and hungry. In 2012 Charlie was the voice of technical reason, the calm presence behind the scenes making the rest of us look good.


Johnny came to Cape Town from the USA to further his anthropology studies. Table Mountain immediately permeated just about every aspect of his life here – rock climbing on its granite cliffs, running along its flanks, picnicking near its waterfalls and enjoying sundowners from the top. Johnny's commitment to interesting projects, positive people, and participating relentlessly in life made him an incredible asset to the team in 2012. One of his TEDxTableMountain photographs was selected by TED HQ for screening at TED conferences worldwide.


Actor & Comedian, Siv refers to himself as : ‘Just an everyday guy Living his DREAM…….'

Siv brought joy and a bright wit to TEDxTableMountain 2012, making the day all the more entertaining. He's also a rugby player and rather wicked at tweeting… we're pretty sure he brought us over the trend line on the day!

2012 TedxTableMountain Sponsors

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